Poseyville, Indiana United Methodist Church

St. Paul’s UMC (near Evansville, IN) has a great United Methodist heritage! The congregation itself was founded over 200 years ago and members of the founding families are still members and leaders of this congregation!

Poseyville, with a population of just over 1,000, enjoys all the wonderful attributes of small town living. During the past few years, this small town congregation has grown, including both families that have occupied the pews for generations and new families, just beginning their relationship with this church.

In 2013, the congregation began dreaming.  At first they thought they should probably relocate to the edge of town. Isn’t that what congregations do when they’ve outgrown a facility? After much prayer and consideration, the leadership team decided instead of building new, they wanted to stay where they were, near the center of town.  They could serve Poseyville and the surrounding communities better that way.  Two local United Methodist churches had closed in the past few years and they didn’t want to see that happen in Poseyville.   They decided their current building had been in use for 110 years, they wanted to focus on ”Building the Church for the Next 100 Years,” and that became their goal and campaign slogan.

For the Next 100 Years…

They knew that they would probably need to address the building’s issues in stages.  First phase would be addressing the eroding exterior, with new tuck-pointing and roof.  Also, handicap accessibility was a major concern.  Although they had relationships with local banks, they contacted the IN Loan & Savings Ministry.  They found that by working with the Loan Fund, they could save money and be good stewards of the funds their congregation entrusted them with.

The congregation and community has excitedly watched and been very supportive as the building has been transformed.  St Paul’s UMC is truly making a difference in their community. It is their prayer that this church will be a place where the presence of God is felt, the love of God is known and the grace of God is shared!