New Addition at North Manchester UMC

On April 3rd, the church celebrated a long labor of love. Building Committee Chair, Jim Smith, shared the story at their recent Dedication Service:

It began with a dream that had been percolating for many, many years.  In 2012, they started talking seriously about a project to improve the facilities, with the focus being a new, modern kitchen.

The Building Committee visited other churches with new facilities and came back with a spectacular vision that would have provided great improvements.  Unfortunately, that plan carried a price tag that was too much for the church to handle.  They wanted to glorify God with a greatly improved facility, but also needed to be reasonable.

That’s when the committee went back to the “drawing board.” After a lot of prayer, a lot of discussion, some tears, some laughter, more prayer, and a great deal of discernment, a vision that really included almost all of the original plan, but downsized somewhat, was devised and approved by the congregation.

Building for Our God, His Church, His Community, and Our Future …

On faith, their members and friends pledged very close to the approved plan’s total cost. When the construction was completed in November of 2015, they ended up with a manageable mortgage of less than half of the cost, for a period of time until pledges and commitments pay off the debt.

The Building Committee had adopted the vision statement: Building for Our God, His Church, His Community, and Our Future.  And now, their vision is a reality!