The congregation of Trinity United Methodist Church of Lapel was going along with its normal plans and efforts. Members were following a schedule of events that had been planned and prepared ahead of time. Shortly before Annual Conference, they were handed a surprise. A new Associate Pastor had been assigned to the church and in a few short weeks the new Associate Pastor and family would need a place to live.

This may have seemed impossible to some congregations, but not Lapel Trinity. The Senior Pastor made a few calls and pulled a team together. He brought Trustees, a member of the church who was a realtor, and a representative of the IN Loan & Savings Ministry, Inc. together to solve the problem.

Within a few short days, a home had been found and thoroughly inspected. A purchase price was negotiated. The Realtor informed the congregation she would relinquish her commission, lowering the cost. The Loan Fund provided funds to close the deal. This congregation worked together, with short notice, to meet an important need.

We thank God that through the Loan Fund, hundreds of United Methodist investors are working together to minister to the needs of this wonderful congregation!