Since its March 17, 2002 launch out of a storefront, many things have changed at The Promise Church, one of Indiana’s fastest growing United Methodist church starts. Since December 19, 2004, the church has been in a new 23,000-square foot facility—a multi-purpose sanctuary that can seat up to 500. The building also houses a child-care and pre-school wing, a state-of-the-art audio/visual system and a breakfast bar. This project was built for less than $2.5 million.

“Our five-year lease was very expensive so we started searching for financing for a possible new church building,” said John Hollinger, treasurer of The Promise Church. “No banks or other conventional lending sources would talk to us, because we did not have a three year track record. Thanks to the United Methodist Development Fund and the IN Loan & Savings Ministry, Inc., we received the needed funding. The UM Loan Fund was able to fill our remaining needs.”

“Our new church building project could not have been completed without the Indiana UM Loan Fund’s help,” said Hollinger. “The Loan Fund interest rate is very competitive, so even if we could have borrowed on the open market, the cost would have been as much, or more.”

A five acre outdoor sanctuary, complete with many services and an amphitheater are planned for the campus. “This outdoor area will be a community outreach effort, which could minister to more than our indoor space. Of course we will use it for picnics and outdoor worship,” said Hollinger. “We have already designed the future area for a sanctuary and three-story education wing.”
“We have been called to specialize in inviting previously un-churched and de-churched persons. This is the first significant church experience for three out of four adults attending The Promise Church. We encourage them to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ,” says Pastor Rusty Allanson.

Fishers is one of the most rapidly expanding communities in the state. Within a three-mile radius, The Promise Church has the potential to serve 35,000 people. Hollinger has witnessed peoples’ lives being changed and the fire of the Holy Spirit being spread in the community. “That makes all the searching for mortgage financing, construction meetings, and all the other challenges worthwhile,” said Hollinger.

The Promise Church’s name was inspired by 2 Timothy 1:1. “God himself chose me to be an apostle, and he gave me the promised life that Jesus Christ makes possible.”

For more details on the IN Loan & Savings Ministry and how it can assist your church, call Tamye Hendricks at 877.391.8811.