Breaking ground for a new Fellowship building is truly breaking ground in more ways than one for the congregation at Fairview United Methodist Church. Fairview is a strong church; a committed church; and by some standards, a small church. But not in their vision for God’s plan.

“How can we interest more of the community to attend church with us?” Fairview’s first answer was to pray and make sure the reasons for inviting more people to their church were God’s reasons. When their spirit was right, their minds and bodies went into action.


They planned to add a fellowship building that would provide an area to bring the community in for dinners and other neighborhood functions. Through creative team- thinking, they discovered a way to allow easy access for those who rely on wheelchairs, walkers or canes to get around—not just to the new fellowship building, but to the sanctuary as well.

Fairview not only broke ground for a new, brick-and-mortar structure, they also established a positive future for their church—a future filled with sharing God’s love and His Word with those in the Fairview Community.

Pastor Sharon Taylor of Fairview UMC shared, “Some of the pluses were that the closing costs would be minimal, and the current loan rates were comparable to other lending institutions. The defining reason, however, for choosing the Loan Fund was that United Methodists would be handling our loan so we felt confident that our best interests would always be in good hands.”


“Fairview UMC encourages any UMC to consider using the Loan Fund for additions (such as Fairview did), to build a new building, repairs or whatever your particular church needs. You will not be disappointed in the fairness, promptness, and overall helpfulness of the loan division.”

The Loan Fund was permitted to minister to the needs of this wonderful congregation by implementing the combined support of hundreds of United Methodist investors. We thank God that this congregation builds on yesterday to break ground for tomorrow!