Hope House

New Hope United Methodist Church is all about ministry. Sharing with those in need, loving their neighbors, demonstrating God’s love, is what this inner-city church does, and does abundantly!

This caring congregation collaborates or partners with several Anderson ministries to help those in need.  The Hope House  provides meeting space for AA and addiction counseling meetings.

They partner with other community ministries such as the Carrie Mae Hyatt Westside Community Food Pantry, by volunteering and providing food.  They also partner with the United Way in its annual community diaper drive.

Garden Bounty

Garden Bounty

The church provides fellowship and nourishment through its community garden. Volunteers from New Hope and individuals from the neighborhood tend to the garden and harvest the vegetables to share with any that need them.

So much good is being accomplished by this small congregation and they help so many! The IN U.M. Loan & Savings Ministry was pleased to be able to help them to refinance a loan at a lower rate, which helped them lower their loan payments, providing more funds for ministry!